Wendi Klevan joined Piper Communications in 2021 as Project Director. Her primary responsibility is developing and executing earned media and public relations strategies for clients while aiming to make Piper Communications a “go to” source for media.

A strategic communications professional with 25 years of success in her field, Wendi combines creative thinking with risk-aware analysis to tackle and solve challenges to an organization’s brand and reputation. She is known for her ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve exceptional results. She has a strong background in media relations and issues management and is certified in Reputation Risk Management by the Public Relations Society of America.

Prior to joining Piper Communications, Wendi served the mission of the American Cancer Society, Inc. in several strategic communications roles, including Managing Director of National Media Relations, in which she provided strategic leadership of the national media relations function and led a team of six media relations professionals tasked with developing and implementing effective proactive and reactive earned media strategies.

Though a native of Pennsylvania and a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, Wendi has made Oak Ridge, Tennessee home. When not working, Wendi enjoys getting outdoors in East Tennessee with her husband and her dogs, and spending time with her friends.