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Crystal Bentley joined Piper Communications in August 2023 as a Public Relations Manager, bringing a wealth of experience in writing, PR, and digital marketing. At Piper, Crystal leads a diverse range of projects, blending creativity with strategic thinking to deliver compelling narratives for clients across multiple industries. Her primary goal is to distill complex ideas into captivating stories that resonate and inspire various audiences. 

With a Master’s degree in International Relations and a dynamic career that spans four independent news organizations and two digital marketing firms, Crystal has honed her skills in content development, marketing strategy, and storytelling.

Crystal is a full-stack creative who believes in the power of authentic storytelling. From investigative journalism to writing plays for community theater, her portfolio is a testament to her passion for words that move people.

When not crafting PR campaigns for Piper Communications, Crystal enjoys taking trips with her husband and two children, taking care of her plants, and writing sci-fi. She also writes a newsletter called Are We There Yet?, where she explores the intersection of futurism, tech, and daily living.