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Cyndy is Piper Communications’ senior writer. Cyndy is a chemical engineer and former EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) employee with nearly a decade of experience with the federal organization. Her work at the EPA enabled her to hone her writing skills, producing guidance documents, factsheets, brochures, communication strategies, web copy, and PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, she planned and facilitated workshops, organized events, and developed training modules.

As a technical copywriter, Cyndy enjoys using her writing skills to help clients convey technical processes and terms into an easy-to-understand format to produce increased engagement. Whether she is sharing a success story or teaching something new, Cyndy strives to inspire, educate, and influence others to the benefit of each partner she supports.

At Piper Communications, Cyndy has contributed to such clients and projects as: Innov865 Week, U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management, Oak Ridge National Lab, and LeMond Companies.

Cyndy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy and Planning from Ohio University.