Increase visibility and raise awareness for SkyNano Technologies’ groundbreaking achievements and rapid advancements in scaling carbon removal for nanomaterial production. 


SkyNano is a science-based technology company focused on commercializing a free-market solution to carbon pollution. It specifically developed a manufacturing technique for the production of carbon-based nanomaterials using carbon dioxide – or CO2.

With a mission to revolutionize the way nanomaterials are created, SkyNano has achieved significant milestones, including the first-ever production of carbon nanotubes from flue gas, obtained from Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA’s) John Sevier Combined Cycle Plant and being named a top 60 finalist for Elon Musk’s X-Prize.


Understanding the significance of SkyNano’s work in the energy and technology sectors, Piper Communications crafted key messages that resonated with trade-specific media outlets and targeted industry segments.

To effectively showcase SkyNano’s achievements, Piper Communications crafted messaging for various publications about using captured carbon to make sustainable materials and its positive impact on the circular economy. By tailoring the communication strategy to specific market segments, Piper Communications maximized SkyNano’s visibility among potential customers and established the company as a recognized industry leader.


Piper Communications’ strategic PR campaign achieved significant media coverage, garnering attention from renowned outlets nationwide. 

  • 60+ pieces of news coverage: Piper Communications secured more than 60 pieces of news coverage for SkyNano, highlighting the company’s accomplishments in carbon capture and as a finalist for Elon Musk’s X-Prize. This coverage created local and national buzz around SkyNano’s achievements and breakthrough technology.
  • Prominent media features: Forbes, GreenBiz, FootPrint Coalition, Carbon Credits, OPIS by S&P Global, Power Magazine and Hart Energy, with several multipart series.
  • Industry engagement: Media coverage generated by Piper facilitated industry engagement for SkyNano. Examples included invitations to speak at conferences, participation in panel discussions, and opportunities to collaborate with other leading organizations in the energy space.

By the numbers

  • 60 Pieces of Coverage
  • 6.02M Estimated Views
  • 3.91B Audience