Create an organization that represents Tennessee’s robust assets and companies engaged in the advanced energy economy. Using the sector’s collective voice, brand advanced energy as an economic development and job creation strategy, highlighting Tennessee’s leadership role in the $1.4 trillion global advanced energy industry.


Piper Communications convened groups of business executives, researchers, economic developers and investors to determine if there was value to the advanced energy industry in creating an organization that looked at advanced energy as an economic development strategy first and foremost. After multiple years of focus groups, Cortney Piper co-founded the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council (TAEBC) and Piper Communications provided turnkey organization management to launch the business council. Working with the TAEBC board of directors, stakeholders and members, Piper utilizes industry expertise to create and execute mission-driven programming and communication strategy that champions advanced energy as an economic development and job creation strategy.


  • TAEBC has grown to include more than 50 members, representing a broad selection of advanced energy sectors and interests including local, regional, national and global industries.
  • TAEBC has become a leading voice for Tennessee’s advanced energy economy. Piper coordinates events and opportunities for networking, discussion and education to foster the growth of Tennessee advanced energy companies, jobs and technologies.
  • Every three years, the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council releases an Advanced Energy Economic Impact Report to provide context for decisions by public officials and private sector leaders to make lasting contributions to Tennessee’s economic base for the next decade and beyond. Download the 2021 report!
  • TAEBC’s influence extends into digital media. Piper Communications manages TAEBC’s digital presence including its website, social media channels, newsroom, email marketing efforts, and the newly launched Energizing Tennessee podcast!

By the numbers

  • 50+ TAEBC members
  • 3rd TN Economic Impact Report
  • $1.4T Global advanced energy market