Creating Connections that Count

Piper Communications offers a background in coalition management designed to develop common goals and keep partners focused on the same target to produce desired results. Our firm offers comprehensive coalition support to keep partners talking and build momentum that results in meaningful change.

Public Policy

The journey away from the status quo starts with the development of strategic, innovative and responsible public policy. Piper Communications offers expertise in informing policy through effective government relations and strategic planning.

Government Relations

Cutting through the red tape at every level of government requires knowledge, persistence and diplomacy. Our firm is well-versed in impactful government relations and can partner with you to effectively navigate processes and engage government leaders in constructive conversations to produce results.

Community Engagement

To be able to offer the innovations, resources and information that stakeholders need, outreach efforts need to be developed and put into place to allow coalitions to continually learn from the ecosystem that surrounds them. Piper Communications is your partner to build bridges to the community that can offer feedback that keeps the wheels of progress moving in the most effective direction for everyone involved.


The process of establishing credibility begins with identifying who you are, what you want to be known for and how easily can you be identified by your target audience. Brand development is a thoughtful process that is made easier by partnering with an expert. Our firm can help build your coalition’s brand and develop guidelines to protect your brand in the long-term.

Collateral Asset Design and Production, Electronic and Print

Content development needs to be cohesive and should have a direct impact on every initiative developed by a coalition. Our firm offers experienced project managers with a background in content management and content creation. This expertise can be leveraged to ensure each project is handled with appropriate timelines and long-term strategies in mind.