A new era of event planning: Reflecting on the evolution of Startup Day

November 29, 2021

By Allie Eskew, Project and Events Director It might seem obvious, but event planning has taken on an entirely new dimension within the last two years as the pandemic has shifted how, when and where we can connect. I’ve been planning and managing events at Piper Communications for several years, but like so many other […]

Classroom to client: Stay dynamic, remain approachable, and keep motivating

October 27, 2021

By Mallory Jenkins, Project Specialist During my graduate school orientation, a former professor approached me to offer a full-ride assistantship while I earned my master’s in public relations. The catch – I would need to teach Introduction to Public Speaking for undergraduate students at The University of Tennessee. A mere 45- second conversation later, and […]

In-house to agency PR: Diving into a new challenge

September 29, 2021

By Hannah Whitson, Media Relations Manager  I’ve always aimed to be an expert in my field. Whether within the wedding industry, social influencer media, or the entertainment field – I want to illuminate amazing stories and newsworthy content through the lens of a specialist. My gravitation towards timely, exciting content has shaped my career evolution […]

What would Tom Ballard do?

August 12, 2021

By: Cortney Piper, President Good mentors don’t need to look or operate within traditional, one-on-one mentoring structures. In my experience, some of the best mentoring relationships are observational.  These mentors don’t have to actively teach and coach you. You can witness how they work and approach challenges and successes. For me, one of the most […]

Back in the office: Part two

June 29, 2021

The Piper Communications staff is excited to be back in the office once again. We asked each of our staff members what life was like during the pandemic and what they are looking forward to now that they are vaccinated. Check out part one of our “Back in the office” series here.  Here are our […]

Back in the office: Part one

June 24, 2021

The Piper Communications’ staff is back in the office! After each staff member received their vaccine, we are happy to work face-to-face again. We received the vaccine for a number of reasons: to keep ourselves healthy, our families safe, for the world to return to normal, and much more. For this two-part series, we asked […]

A diverse career journey shaped me into a strategic storyteller

May 03, 2021

By Abby Hassler, Content Creation Manager I have worn many hats over the years. From working as a Senior Writer at a content marketing agency to pursuing qualitative research as a master’s student, my career trajectory hasn’t been exactly straightforward. However, one thing that has remained constant over the years has been my passion for […]

From 2013 to 2021: Growing with Piper Communications over the years

March 11, 2021

By Allie Eskew, Project and Events Director I have spent the past eight years at Piper Communications. In 2013, I came in as a project assistant and eventually worked my way up to my current role, Project and Events Director, where I focus heavily on event management. Being Cortney’s first and only full-time employee, I […]

Year in review: Piper Communications 2020

December 15, 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 didn’t turn out like any of us expected it would. Right before the pandemic hit, Piper Communications had one of its best years ever. We were looking forward to building upon the momentum we gained in 2019.