In-house to agency PR: Diving into a new challenge

By Hannah Whitson, Media Relations Manager 

I’ve always aimed to be an expert in my field. Whether within the wedding industry, social influencer media, or the entertainment field – I want to illuminate amazing stories and newsworthy content through the lens of a specialist.

My gravitation towards timely, exciting content has shaped my career evolution from in-house public relations to the agency world with my new role at Piper Communications. 

I originally began my career at Regal Entertainment Group in the PR department and community outreach. That role launched me into the news sphere, where I began to work events around the nation – heavily involved with the traction of media at events. As I developed my expertise in media relations, I began to expand towards earned-media campaigns. From the rollout of a new logo to relaunching an entire brand, I began to decipher the development from strategy to tactics in my job role. 

The entertainment industry was inevitably changed by COVID in 2020, so I set out to find a field where I could strategically illuminate the timely advances in a company’s story. When I came across an  opportunity to join the team at  Piper, I was honestly hesitant. My career thus far had allowed me to build upon my expertise for one specific brand, and I had become an expert!

There was naturally a healthy amount of fear switching to the agency realm. Piper Communications prides itself on their results-oriented culture, which felt intimidating. Yet I’ve found that Piper is a gem of agency work. Acclimating to this pace has been like dipping a toe in the first week, diving head first the second week, and swimming in open uncharted waters ever since. 

My evolution from in-house public relations to agency work brought me back my passion – becoming an expert to showcase a newsworthy narrative. I’m constantly searching for that specific factor that makes the clients tick. Once I discover the solution or accomplish one of my goals,  I unlock this new level of satisfaction in my role as media relations manager.

Every day I’m learning how to grow as an expert in my new, expanded field of advanced energy. The heartbeat of Piper is truly, “How can we best fit our clients needs?” We’re forever changing and altering according to what’s truly best for the client. That’s a huge key to success in our plight of championing innovation in advanced energy. When I worked in-house, I was expected to hit similar markers with each project, but at Piper, those markers are always challenging you and pushing you to meet the next level. There is no room for complacency.

Piper is so obviously committed to both their clients and employees. I continue to see how that applies to our work. Everyone is appreciated, so we are able to succeed in an organic way that promotes an innovative approach to our results. The level of expertise in our work allows for a trusted team to launch dynamic ideas and plans. I’m constantly energized by our ability to take everything to the next level due to the pace at which Piper functions. 

I’m beginning to fully digest how advanced energy is meaningful to the future of this entire global community, and my previous experiences have allowed me to bring a sense of excitement with every individual project and client. I look forward to fine-tuning my expertise for each client I have the pleasure of working with, because with each new client comes a new challenge – and I’m always ready to dive in!

Find out more about Hannah Whitson, Piper Communications’ Media Relations Manager, here.