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Knoxville, Tenn.Tennessee is in the midst of an advanced energy evolution. The state will soon lead the country in electric vehicle production, with Ford investing $5.6 billion to build BlueOval City in West Tennessee for the next generation of electric F-Series trucks while Volkswagen is now building SUVs in Chattanooga and may build a second EV automotive plant in the state.

In addition, advanced energy is the fastest growing segment of the state’s economy, according to the 2021 Tennessee Advanced Energy Economic Impact Report, with more than 20,000 energy-focused businesses contributing $45.8 billion to the state’s economy. This means more opportunities for Tennessee businesses, more revenues for our state coffers, and more high-paying jobs for our residents.

We know you are working hard every day to keep your local community informed on these important and increasingly complicated topics. These issues and advances can be difficult to explain to people without a science or technology background, but they will eventually impact everyone’s daily lives.

We can help. 

Piper Communications represents the advanced energy and technology sectors locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We also manage the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council (TAEBC), which champions job creation and economic development strategy.

Do you have an energy topic or idea you want to explore but aren’t exactly sure who to contact? Piper Communications has compiled a list of industry experts, most of them based in Tennessee, on a variety of advanced energy topics. You can see that list below and on the Piper Communications website. If you aren’t sure how to get started, reach out to us and we will get you going in the right direction.

Topics & Experts

Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council (TAEBC), Cortney Piper, Executive Director

The Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council is the champion of Tennessee’s advanced energy economy. TAEBC works to educate public officials and business leaders about Tennessee’s advanced energy assets, establish strategic partnerships to connect assets with opportunities, and inform policy that expands and strengthens the industry.

If you have any questions about the impact and growth of the advanced energy business in the state, you can download the 2021 Tennessee Advanced Energy Economic Impact Report. Cortney Piper is available as an expert on the industry.

In addition, we offer the TAEBC Powerhouse, a group of leaders from all areas of Tennessee’s growing advanced energy sector. They are available to provide expert media commentary on subjects such as transportation electrification and electric vehicles, renewable energy, high performance energy efficient buildings, lightweight and advanced materials, corporate sustainability, local and state government sustainability, workforce development trends, economic trends, technology, entrepreneurship, energy efficiency, research and development, decarbonization of the utility grid, energy trends and more.

Piper Communications Clients and Partners

Three Roots – Investment/Financing

Smart Factory Institute – Workforce/training, advanced manufacturing 

Wärtsilä – decarbonization, power plants, sustainable fuels, hydrogen, energy storage

UT Research Park –  (includes the Spark Incubator and Cleantech Accelerator) entrepreneurs, makers, startups

University of Tennessee Research Foundation – technology transfer & licensing

Innov865 (Knoxville DMA) – entrepreneurs, makers, startups

Boston Government Services – Cybersecurity, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Technology & Operations, Environmental Management

PYA – management consulting, audit and assurance, tax, compliance; Inflation Reduction Act analysis

RegScale – compliance automation software, regulatory compliance