Strategic Influence

Our team offers a comprehensive approach to public relations through an ongoing commitment to understand our clients, which relationships would produce results and what endeavors will establish or strengthen their brand.

Media Relations

Distributing a press release or staging an important press conference are a portion of getting exciting news into the hands of local and national media outlets. Our priority is building relationships with journalists and contributors who can highlight developments with objectivity and credibility

Strategic Communications

Effective messaging is the foundation of strategic communications, as well as sharing and developing that message with potential partners, customers or public influencers who are critical to maximizing visibility and increasing credibility with the targeted audience. Piper Communications intentionally listens to fine-tune the message, identify target audiences and the strategy to share that message with maximum results.

Government Relations

Policymakers have a desire to learn and take action, but in order to effectively influence change and improvement, they need to receive accurate and progressive information that offers short-term and long-term solutions. Our team is experienced in local, state and federal government relations and process to move from ceremonial opportunities to mutually beneficial impact.

Community Outreach

Building a bridge between clients and their communities is an ongoing commitment designed to yield involvement, awareness and familiarity that produces mutual trust and respect.  Our expertise in cultivating these relationships is just one of many critical tools in the Piper Communications tool box available to our clients.

Event Planning

Organizing and promoting events is not just about the logistical details. As a matter of fact, the strategy behind each event begins with the purpose, objective and developing a plan to offer a cohesive program that leaves a positive and impactful impression on attendees. We can help increase visibility, credibility and highlight achievements in a memorable event custom-designed to produce results and relationships.

Writing and Message Development

What are you trying to say? Who are you trying to reach? What do you want people to know about your organization? Our team can help answer these questions in a way that fine-tunes your message and maximizes your reach.

Social Media

The ever-changing world of social media offers many options to connect with partners and stakeholders, but each post requires a strategy and the timing can make all the difference to desired outcomes. Social media strategy requires thoughtful planning and responsive adjustments which our team follows to boost engagement and increase your reach, among other metrics.


Graphic and Website Design

Public perception starts with what people see and the conclusions they draw from the brands presented through graphics and websites. In the majority of cases, the front door to an organization is usually their website. Piper Communications offers experts to design or redevelop brands to make the impression that aligns with your desired objectives.