The value in results: Championing the client’s mission

By Hannah Whitson: Media Relations Manager

Results: We get you the results you want. Period. We embrace your business’ mission as our own. Your company goals and objectives are our top priority.

I previously envisioned results as a figure – a number that I had to hit, a top outlet or an exceptionally high metric of media coverage. As my career in media relations has evolved, I’ve started appreciating the seemingly small wins that contribute to my primary goal of illuminating our client’s developments and achievements. 

Effective results do not solely take form in numerically impressive metrics or my personal perception of a top-tier outlet. I measure my successes by my ability to effectively highlight my client’s advancements in their specific industry – capitalizing on the strategic leads and platforms for results that serve the client’s values. 

Driving results internally

In order to help our clients achieve their goals, I start by developing my relationships within the Piper Communication’s team. I build up my team by celebrating their individual results and accomplishments inside and outside of work. That way, when we are tasked with delivering results for our client, our team is ready to perform to the best of our abilities as a supportive, strategic unit. 

The collaborative nature and our internal support structure at Piper has served to boost our results. When I celebrate each of our client’s wins internally, the recognition of each team member’s contribution helps the team remain motivated to achieve future exceptional outcomes. An additional element that has benefited Piper is our balanced team. Cortney has always recruited people who contribute to the cohesion of our team, and deepen the skillset of our roster. When new projects come my way, I have every confidence in my team’s ability to drive results. This network of trust our team shares has been a crucial element in driving results for our clients. 

Prioritizing the client’s goals

With every pitch I craft, I aim high. I do everything in my power to exceed my client’s expectations of a project’s media coverage, and I gauge the success of my results around what ultimately serves the client’s objectives. I am invested in each of my client’s missions, and as I work alongside the Piper team to drive media traction, I’m naturally motivated by every lead and opportunity to illuminate each company’s story.

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside SkyNano, a Knoxville startup that developed an innovative manufacturing technique to make carbon-based nanomaterials from carbon dioxide and electricity. Most recently, they completed the first-ever production of carbon nanotubes from flue gas at a Tennessee Valley Authority plant. Naturally, this advanced manufacturing innovation presents a massive opportunity to drive awareness to their innovation and highlight the client’s technology on a national scale. My strategy to drive results for their team stems from a desire to bring their advancements to the forefront of both industry and national news. 

By utilizing all of the components of SkyNano’s organization and technology, my team has been able to maximize media placements that address mass audiences as well as target SkyNano’s potential customers, investors and partners. Through this strategy, I’ve brought layered results that go beyond a generic media approach and contribute to SkyNano’s long-term vision. In any media campaign, results can be measured in number of placements, but with Piper’s media campaigns, we create action-oriented exposure that identifies key stakeholders to illuminate each development.

Results are a crucial element to the service we provide at Piper Communications, and I fully embrace the value of celebrating each win: both internally and externally to drive effective results. ​​Our results-based approach enables us to deliver more efficient, effective and strategic solutions to our clients. No longer do I equate results with an exceptional figure, but rather, the depth and breadth to which I help champion my client’s mission.

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