Proof of performance is a driving force for our clients and delivering measurable results inspires Piper Communications to adapt to our clients’ needs.

SkyNano Technologies

Objective: Increase visibility and raise awareness for SkyNano Technologies’ groundbreaking achievements and rapid advancements in scaling carbon removal for nanomaterial production. 

Three Roots Capital

Objective: Piper Communications helps increase the visibility of Three Roots Capital’s mission, partnerships and projects in the greater East Tennessee region.


Objective: To communicate the significance of bringing the Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator to the greater Knoxville community and East Tennessee.

Explore Oak Ridge

Objective: Develop, draft and place heritage tourism, outdoor recreation and other stories in local, state and national media, and plan earned media for events.


Objective: To introduce the new American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) to the community.

DOE Economic Impact Report

Objective: To communicate the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Oak Ridge Reservation’s economic impact and important role in Tennessee’s economy.

TAEBC Video Library

Objective: Produce a video series highlighting advanced energy’s economic impact in Tennessee, giving a face to the individuals and companies engaged in this growing sector of the economy.

National Lab Directors’ Council

Objective: Redesign to showcase our National Laboratories as a diverse and inclusive career destination for the next generation of scientists and engineers.

LeMond Composites

Objective: Increase visibility of LeMond Composites’ research partnerships that will revolutionize carbon fiber production.


Objective: Help Knox County reduce its energy and operating costs using solar energy.

Electronic Transactions Association

Objective: As the organization leading and representing the global payments technology industry, the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) wanted to break into mainstream and national media. ETA engaged Piper Communications to do just that.


Objective: Piper Communications was engaged to work with the Innov865 Alliance to coordinate a week-long event designed to showcase Knoxville as a destination for entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. Innov865 Week has become an annual event.

Volunteer State Solar Initiative

Ojective: Communicate the success of the Volunteer State Solar Initiative, a comprehensive solar energy and economic development program to create jobs, educate the public, produce renewable power and commercialize technology.